The Dark Hand was an upscale international crime syndicate founded and spearheaded by Valmont. According to Captain Black, the Dark Hand had connections to every criminal activity in existence and thus is usually at odds with Section 13.

The Dark Hand's headquarters was a skyscraper located in San Francisco until Shendu was restored to his full power. After reneging on his arrangement with Valment, Shendu decimated part of the building and escaped, whereupon Valmont and his Enforcers were promptly arrested. Upon escaping from Section 13, Valmont and his men relocated to the abandoned Helms Fish Cannery, due to the Dark Hand's financial assets being severely diminished as a result of the high-cost expeditions needed for the Talisman hunt, combined with Shendu not honoring his part of the deal and denying Valmont the Lost Treasure of Ching Xi Hung he promised him. With no resources left, the Dark Hand no longer possessed their high-tech weaponry and Valmont's hired muscle was reduced to Finn, Ratso, Chow and Hak Foo without any of the unnamed goons seen previously. Their only advantage being the discarded Talismans recovered after Shendu's defeat.

Although Valmont schemed to use the Talismans to steal resources to rebuild the Dark Hand, Shendu's posthumous return and subsequent posession of his body forced the Dark Hand leader onto another race against time with Jackie Chan. Using the mystical Pan'ku Box, Shendu forced the Dark Hand remnants to hunt down the demon portals that would free his demon breatheren, although one by one they were subsequently defeated and vanquished once more by Jackie and his allies, including the loss of the Talismans. Despite Shendu's banishment, things would only get worse for Valmont and his men.


The building where the organization's operations happen.

By the start of season three, the Dark Hand was no more after Valmont was met with bankruptcy from spending the organization's remaining assets on overseas expeditions for the Demon Portal hunt. From this point on, the Enforcers were now at the mercy of whatever powerful supernatural force that (forcibly) took them in as henchmen, while Valmont was reduced to a penniless small-time thief.

Resources and Assets

The Dark Hand was a wealthy and well-connected organization equipped with resources that almost matched Section 13's. This included private jets, helicopters, limousines, hired thugs and advanced weaponry.

The Dark Hand's high-tech weapons included electric swords used by the Enforcers that could cut through solid steel. Valmont himself possessed a electric dagger stored within his cane as well as a fake tooth that drew the cane to the tooth's location when activated.



The Dark Hand at a prestigious event.

  • The Enforcers are often referred to as the Dark Hand interchangeably, even past late-Season 2 when the organization named the Dark Hand no longer existed by then.
  • Mama Tohru thought highly of the Dark Hand, due to the fact she was unware of its criminal activities.
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