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The Dark Chi Warriors

The three Dark Chi Warriors are the creations and loyal servants of Daolon Wong.

Dark Chi Warriors

Each Dark Chi Warrior had a different weapon, which could be conjured from thin air. These warriors were all silent, and they could levitate and steer their weapons with their thoughts. They are also able to jump up to and down from great distances easily, and they have exceptional physical strength. Daolon Wong can summon the warriors anywhere (unless good magic prevents it), and although a severe impact will make them disappear accordingly into a puff of blue smoke, they can be summoned again.

During Daolon Wong's attempt to steal the talismans from Section 13, the warriors were imprisoned in the lost Urn of Wei Cheing by Uncle.

Finn, Ratso, and Chow as Dark Chi Warriors

After the talismans were destroyed by Jackie,

Wong replaced his warriors with Finn, Ratso, and Chow by altering their physical shape. These three enforcers were also granted their predecessors' powers and weapons, but they still managed to prove incompetent.

Later on, Hak Foo became a fourth Dark Chi Warrior, increasing his already-formidable combat skills.

Ratso often says that the Dark Warriors look like Kiss, the 80s rock band.


Gan's Weapon

Gan wielded a bo staff that could split into three chain-linked portions (a three section staff), which appears with a pouring-in effect. Chow was considered to be Gan by Daolon Wong when Daolon Wong made him his Dark Chi Warrior. (Chow also retains his signature glasses.)


Ren's Weapon

Ren had a boomerang blade similar to a windmill shuriken, which materialized with a smoke effect. Finn was considered Ren by Daolon Wong when he made him his Dark Chi Warrior.


Chui's Weapon

Chui had a sledgehammer, which appears with a flame effect. Ratso was considered Chui by Daolon Wong when Daolon Wong made him his Dark Chi Warrior.


Hak Foo as a Dark Chi Warrior

Zhen, who was Hak Foo, combined Hak Foo's traditional attack style with powerful magic (materializing with a lightning bolt effect). Though Hak Foo's traditional fighting style involve animal actions, Zhen's style involves forces of nature and animals, some of which were only the stuff of legend (Phoenix Flies to Moon, Meteor Causes Mass Extinction, Volcano Incinerates Field Mouse). In addition to this, Zhen had much more physical endurance than the other Dark-Chi Warriors as a large boulder thown by Tohru wasn't enough to make him disappear (it broke in half upon contact).


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Season 3

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