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Daolon Wong's Castle
Daolon Wong's Castle 1.png
General Info
Name Daolon Wong's Castle
Location Bhutan
Type Fortress
Primary Function Daolon Wong's base of operations
Former Inhabitants Daolon Wong
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 32
Last Appearance Season 3 Episode 12

Daolon Wong's Castle is the primary headquarters of the eponymous dark chi wizard, Daolon Wong.

It is a tall tower standing alone atop a hill in the Bhutanese wilderness. The castle is gloomy and its maintenance seems to have been neglected upon. The only occupants seem to be Daolon Wong and his Dark Chi Warriors. The main section of interest shown is a hall that includes a platform which Daolon Wong uses for meditation and performing magic with his sorcery cauldron.

Daolon Wong's first conflicts with the Chans during the second season happen either close to his fortress or inside it, but during the quest for the Noble Animals, Wong seems to move his primary base of operations to a Victorian townhouse somewhere in San Francisco. He still makes use of his Bhutanese castle during the quest for the Noble Ox. The castle's fate is left ambiguous after Wong is stripped off of his powers and imprisoned.


Season 2

Season 3