Danger in the Deep Freeze
Season 2 Episode 22
Episode 35
General Information
Setting The Artic
Aired on December 15, 2001
Production Number 35
Written by Patti Carr
Lara Runnels
Directed by Michael Chang
Produced by Dean Stefan
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Danger in the Deep Freeze is the thirty-fifth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The museum asks Jackie to help someone who claims to have made a major discovery in the arctic circle.


Jackie and Jade travel to the arctic to investigate the disappearance of one of Jackie's archaeologist colleagues, and come across a large creature frozen in ice. As they are preparing to transport it back to the research station where they are currently staying, a group of locals appears and menaces them with spears. Jackie's attempts to make peace with the hostile men fail, and he and Jade flee aboard their dogsled. The trailer sled carrying the frozen creature and Jackie becomes detached from the main one, but Jade is able to rescue it with some skillful driving.

Back at the station, Jackie investigates the ice surrounding the creature and finds an artifact, which Uncle examines in an effort to decipher its markings. After Jackie and Uncle go to bed, Jade discovers that the creature is still alive inside the ice, and turns up the station's thermostat. The adults wake in the morning to find the ice melted, and the creature being fed by Jade, who has dubbed him Dwayne. The creature reacts violently after Jackie suggests that he might be dangerous, forcing Jackie and Jade to go after him.

The pair spot Dwayne being led by an Inuit, much to Jackie's puzzlement, when a man on a snowmobile causes an avalanche to come down on them. They escape using their dogsled, only to run into Uncle, who after translating the artifact is looking to do some ice-fishing. All three make their way to the Inuit village, where Jackie tries to sneak in alone. Jade, with her usual wily nature, persuades Uncle to follow him into the village, where they are confronted by the village elder.

Inside the elder's tent, the elder claims that Dwayne is an evil spirit from a legend his people have been told by a shaman. Uncle refutes this, showing him the artifact they found with Dwayne and explaining that ancient Inuit tried to save Dwayne. Jackie then recognizes the "shaman" as Peter Bailey, a black market artifact thief, and the Chans swiftly unmask his deceptions. With a bound Dwayne in his clutches, Bailey flees aboard his snowmobile, while Jackie pursues him with the dogsled.

Jackie soon discovers that Jade has stowed away, and drops her off with Tohru at the research station as they pass. He then manages to cripple Bailey's snowmobile, only for the criminal to attack him with a speargun. Dwayne comes to Jackie's aid, but Jackie acts to prevent him from crushing Bailey with a massive ice chunk. Bailey is then set adrift on another large chunk, which Jackie assures him will reach civilization in a couple of days.

Jade and Tohru then arrive, and Jade surprises Jackie by refusing to let Dwayne be taken back to civilization. She insists that he be allowed to remain free in the arctic, and he departs as the Aurora Borealis shines over head. Back at the village, Uncle and the elder are ice-fishing and both get a bite; when the fish escapes, they argue over who nearly succeeded in catching it.




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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, December 15, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, April 27, 2002
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