DJ Fist
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Personal Info
Full Name DJ Fist
Nickname DJ
Race Human
Demon (temporarily)
Status Incarcerated
Martial Arts Karate
General Info
Base of Operations Junkyard (formerly)
Seattle Space Needle (formerly)
Occupation Thief
Affiliation StrikeMaster Ice
MC Cobra
Previous Affiliation Drago
Team Ice Crew
Debut Season 4 Episode 9
Closing Season 5 Episode 13
English Robbie Rist

DJ Fist is a member of StrikeMaster Ice's crew and was later one of Drago's henchmen for the hunt of the Demon Chi.


Throughout all the episodes that DJ appears in, he never talks.

He is shown, along with Cobra, to have advanced knowledge in machinery, as they are able to build a submarine out of the old car parts in the junkyard, in which Drago and the Ice Crew make their hideout.

Of the three in the group, it is noted that he pays the most attention to Drago's plans and does not provoke Drago's temper, as the others do. He and Cobra are often seen together, while fighting or on missions with Drago. He seems to have a fondness for water skiing.

Powers and Abilities

When he became a dragon warrior, he was given a physiology similar to Drago with the unique ability of super strength.

After the Ice Crew turn on Drago in an attempt to take all the Demon Chi powers for themselves, DJ absorbs the Earth and Moon powers. He loses these powers when Uncle arrives to extract the Chi from the Ice Crew, only for all eight powers to be absorbed by Drago mid-transference.

After Drago absorbed all eight Demon Chi, he gave DJ a portion of Thunder Demon Chi, so he could destroy Section 13. Following Drago's banishment, he lost his powers.

He and Cobra are both able to build a fully functioning submarine out of car parts, showing that they are highly intelligent mechanics.


Season 4

Season 5

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