The Chosen One is a legendary figure revered by the Ben-Shui Monks and others as a being of great wisdom and a peacemaker. According to Ben-Shui legend, the Chosen One has lived a thousand lifetimes through the process of reincarnation, with each Chosen One eventually gaining the memories of their predecessors. In the present, various omens led the monks to Uncle's Rare Finds in search of the new Chosen One, and they came to believe that Tohru was their prophesied new leader. However, when the High Mystic failed to awaken any memories of the previous Chosen One in Tohru's mind, it became apparent that he was not the one they were looking for.

Episode 45

The last known Chosen One was a yak farmer, whose walking stick was infused with his good Chi and thus possessed magical properties. While the Chosen One was apparently forbidden to fight, the monks had no objection to his stick being wielded by others, such as Jackie Chan. In fact, upon witnessing the great proficiency with which Jade wielded the stick, the High Mystic came to suspect that the monks had been led to the right place but incorrectly assumed the identity of the new Chosen One. This plot thread is similar to Jade's being mentioned in the Book of Ages, but the idea was never pursued further in the series.

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