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Chip 1.png
Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Base of Operations Douglas, Wyoming, USA
Occupation Student
Affiliation The Jackalopes
Debut/Closing Season 3 Episode 7
English Jeff Fischer

Chip is a student from Warren Oaks High School and an overlooked member of the school's football team, the Jackalopes.


Chip wishes to bring his team to victory, but his coach doesn't take him seriously and makes him do only menial tasks like providing water for the team, stacking the football equipment, and feeding the school's mascot, Lucky. Chip meets Jade Chan when she walks past his school's football field while a ball is thrown towards her. Chip tries to retrieve it, but Jade intercepts the ball, dodges Chip who falls to the ground, and tosses the ball towards the team. Jade then apologizes for embarrassing him and gives him a bit of encouragement. Through Chip, Jade is introduced to Lucky, the Noble Animal with the power of super speed which Jade influences to use his power and unintentionally causes him to flee the school.

Chip then gets in trouble with the coach and starts putting up wanted flyers all over town. As he starts to suspect that Jade is responsible and is a ringer for an opposing school, he encounters Daolon Wong holding Lucky before Jackie skates past and snatches Lucky away from them. Daolon Wong blames Chip for distracting him and then ties him to the statue at the town square, using him as a hostage to blackmail the Chans into giving him the rabbit. As night falls, Jackie tries to distract Daolon with a fake rabbit while Uncle frees Chip from his magical bonds. Daolon Wong attacks the three and Jade arrives with Lucky. Noticing Lucky's powers, Chip snatches him before Daolon can take him and uses him to score points at the big game by concealing him under his football jersey. Both Jackie and Daolon's Dark Chi Warriors disguise themselves as players and enter the game to retrieve Lucky. Lucky then leaves Chip after being attacked by Daolon's warriors, but with some encouragement from Jade, Chip wins the game by himself.


Season 3