Chi Master Fong's Shrine

Chi Master Fong grave 01

Memorial shrine
South China
Primary Function
The site of pilgrimage to honor Chi Master Fong's memory

Chi Master Fong's Shrine is a temple built to honor the memory of the late Chi Master Fong, the magic teacher of Uncle. It's a moderately sized stone shrine situated amidst a bamboo forest in South China. It includes a statue of Fong on top of the temple's stairs, and there's a small cabinet with a figurine of Fong in front of the stairs, on which incenses can be placed.

During one of the pilgrimages made by Uncle, Jackie, Jade and Tohru to the shrine, Uncle is contacted by his mentor's spirit during an incense ritual. By extinguishing the candles, chiming the wind chimes and crashing a falcon statue, Fong tells the foursome to go northward, find the Idol of the Three Wise Monkeys and stop Daolon Wong from releasing the dark chi contained within the Idol. 


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