Chi Master Fong
Chi Master Fong
Personal Info
Full Name Master Fong
Nationality Chinese
Status Deceased
General Info
Occupation Good Chi Wizard
Affiliation Uncle
Debut Through the Rabbit Hole (mentioned)
The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute

Chi Master Fong was Uncle's master.


Most of Chi Master Fong's past and personality is unknown. What is known is that he taught Uncle the ways of good chi wizards after Uncle left the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe. Uncle's apprenticeship under Fong took 15 years.

At some point Master Fong was defeated by Daolon Wong. No specifics are given about this, but most of the dialogue between Uncle and Wong implies that the dark chi wizard didn't just defeat Fong, but also killed him.

Somewhere in Southern China there's a shrine dedicated to Chi Master Fong's memory, including a statue and a figurine of him. His spirit continues to commune with his pupil Uncle, and Uncle sees signs from him through the wind, the birds, the sun, and other forces of nature.

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