The Chi-O-Matic (named so by Jade) is a magical device constructed and used by Uncle in order to detect, collect and contain demon chi powers until they can be transported to Section 13's chi containment unit.

It is scrapped together from an ancient Chinese compass attached to a forked branch tied to a jar that's connected to a nozzle via a tube. When the Immortal object is activated, the compass will pick up the frequency causing it's dial to spin which leads Uncle and the others to its location as well as showing them both the object and the Demon Sorcerer it's tied to through a hologram emitted from the compass. A removal spell will then be used to draw the bad chi from the Immortal object and into the jar through the nozzle. However, the Chi-O-Matic can only hold the chi of one demon at a time (trying to contain more than that will cause the container to burst open) up until Weight and See when Uncle replaced the container.


Season 5

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