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The Chang Gang was a villainous counterpart to the J-Team, assembled by their archenemy, Bartholomew Chang.

While in prison, Chang recruited an elite team, each possessing skills matching a member of the J-Team, as a sort of "Anti J-Team", who then infiltrated the prison and freed him.

During a fight between them and the J-Team, a spell Jade used on the later to gain seniority backfired, turning the J-Team into toddlers, allowing the Chang Gang to continue their thefts. When the J-Tots interrupted one of their raids, Chang ordered his gang to eliminate his enemies, only for Jade to use the same spell on them, thus evening the odds. Chang and his gang were then sent off to juvenile detention.


  • Bartholomew Chang (founder and de facto leader)
  • Tommy Chung (second in command, field leader, counterpart to Jackie)
    • Despite his rotund appearance, he possesses great knowledge in hand to hand combat, and is the most feared martial artist on China's most wanted list.
  • Helga Sorenson (muscles, counterpart to Tohru)
    • Formerly held the "World's Strongest Woman" title (she is seen lifting the World's Strongest Man, who is lifting a large barbell as well), before abandoning it for a career in crime.
  • Bob "The Bopper" Halfcock (wrestling specialist, counterpart to El Toro Fuerte)
    • Former American pro wrestling champ gone renegade. His trademark move is "Bopper's Bash", where he grabs the opponent, and lifts him in the air, before slamming him down.
  • Phillip Crane (burglary specialist, counterpart to Viper)
    • Professional thief, has pulled heists at some of the world's most prestigious museums, and all on the same day.
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