Captain Black
Captain Black
Personal Info
Full Name Augustus Black
Nickname CB
Captain Wack (Drago)
Alias Captain Black
Race Human
Birthdate October 27, 1959
Age 41
Nationality American
Sign 007 (password)
Martial Arts Hand-to-hand combat
General Info
Base of Operations Section 13
Occupation Spy, Head of Section 13
Previous Occupation Interpol Agent
Affiliation Section 13
Team J-Team (honorary member)
Partner Jackie Chan
Position Commander of Section 13 (former)
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Closing Season 5 Episode 13
English Clancy Brown
Hungarian Uri István

"Jackie, the "M" word..."
— A skeptical Captain Black

Captain Augustus Black is the head of Section 13 and one of the main characters of Jackie Chan Adventures. As the leader of an elite special forces organization he holds connections with high-ranking government officials, including the President of the United States.



Upon the first meeting, Captain Black is portrayed as very serious, very work oriented, and very intimidating. He was not without humor, although it was a dry sense of humor, but humor nonetheless. He tends to try and be helpful to Jackie and his family, only to be rejected by Uncle and his "Magic Must Defeat Magic!" claim.



There is little to no known information about Captain Black. In the first episode, he was revealed to be part of Interpol after Jackie left. He also had been working secretly at Section 13 during the time Jackie was his partner. Captain Augustus Black is an old friend of Jackie Chan and the leader of the government organization known as Section 13. When the Dark Hand displayed an interest in ancient artifacts (called The Talismans Of Shendu), Black recruited his old friend Jackie as a consultant, but soon Jackie, his niece Jade and his Uncle all became personally embroiled in combat against Shendu and other magic-wielding forces. Black assists the characters of the show many times throughout the series, especially against each season's main threat.

Before revealing to Jackie he was head of Section 13, Black was an agent of INTERPOL (An agency aiding law enforcement around the world). He admits he's separated Section 13 in secret. When he left INTERPOL is a mystery. Likely within the six years he's been vacant from Jackie's life.

Originally a non-believer of magic, Captain Black was instantly converted when he saw Shendu in person which does create some problems when he attempts to gain special permission for missions and equipments from his superiors against supernatural threats, since they believe that Black has become senile. In Rumble in the Big House, a psychiatrist was sent to examine him. Black is also a fan of James Bond and Elvis Presley (he's used James Bond's codename, 007, when using a code for his locked doors, and once stated that the only king he bows to wears Blue Suede Shoes, a reference to the Elvis song of the same name). Captain Black was born on October 27th, 1959, making him age 41 in the beginning of the show. When Jade's future self revisited the past, she revealed some information on Capt. Black in the future. In the future, Capt. Black gets relocated to the east coast to head the newly created, Section 14, passing on the mantle of Section 13 leader to Jade.

Powers and Abilities

As head of Section 13, Captain Black has control over most of the organization's day-to-day operations and he is shown to have excellent leadership over his subordinates. He is moderately skilled in hand-to-hand combat being able to perform basic punches, blocks, and dodges. However, he is not afraid to use weapons or Talisman magic if the situation is dire.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • "Whoa Nelly!"
  • "The M-word."
  • "Men!" - Day of the Dragon
  • "I'm sorry but this location must remain secret." to Jackie
  • "I need you Jackie - One last time." in The Stronger Evil
  • "It's go time!" The Powers That Be Part 2
  • "I know. Magic must defeat magic." in Re-Enter the Dragon
  • "I'm sure Jade wouldn't be so foolish as to actually deliver the containment unit to Drago." The Powers That Be Part 1


  • It was revealed that Jackie does not know Captain Black's birthday.
  • Captain Black appears to be a James Bond fan as he chooses '007' as a password.
  • He is also an Elvis Presley fan. In Black Magic, when Tarakudo lures him to the abandoned Alcatraz prison, he says, "The only king I bow to is Elvis! And I don't see you wearing blue suede shoes."
  • Captain Black once attempted to make a chi spell in Uncle's shop, only for it to backfire and for him to become a toad.
  • Black is usually one of the first people to get hurt/knocked out in a battle, mainly because of his weak and moderate fighting abilities; it should be noted that this is in battles against master martial artists like Hak Foo.
  • According to Tohru in Glove Story, if it weren't for Black pulling some strings, Tohru would be in prison due to working for the Dark Hand.
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