Black Magic
Season 4 Episode 4
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General Information
Setting San Fransisco, USA
Aired on October 4, 2003
Production Number 73
Written by Tom Pugsley
Greg Klein
Directed by Brandon Vietti
Produced by Frank Squillace
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Black Magic is the seventy-third episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Captain Black ends up with the latest Oni mask. The Chan Clan must work quickly before the mask corrupts Black, and they lose him forever.


Another Oni Mask has been located in the mountain area of the Pacific North West. Jackie and Jade manage to find the Oni Mask on a totem pole, but Hak Foo soon arrives, planning to wear the mask for himself. During the fight against Hak Foo, Jackie is knocked over towards the totem pole, and Jade nearly falls into the river due to still being on the pole. Hak Foo orders the Enforcers to grab the mask while he deals with Jackie. However, Jade manages to pull the mask off the pole, only for her and Jackie to get cornered by Hak Foo.

Suddenly, Uncle and Tohru arrive with Captain Black driving, but the latter’s harsh braking causes Torhu to accidentally spill the mask removal potion. Angered by that, due to the fact the main ingredient was a rare one, Uncle says they cannot let anybody wear the mask more than ever. Hak Foo manages to kick the mask from Jackie’s hand, but before he could let it land on him, Black knocks the latter down with his car door. Unfortunately, the mask lands on Black’s face and it merges with him. With the power of the mask, Black easily bests Hak Foo and the Enforcers, tossing them towards the fallen totem pole as they fall to the river below. A concerned Jackie asks Black if he is okay, but the latter claims that he has never felt better. Meanwhile, Tarakudo appears to the Enforcers down at the river and learns about Black wearing the mask.

In Section 13, the agents are taken by surprise by Captain Black’s new appearance and he showcases his new abilities to them thanks to the mask. Jackie is surprised that Black has not succumbed to evil, but Uncle explains that the latter’s inherent goodness is keeping the dark forces within him at bay. However, Black will eventually be corrupted by the dark chi of the mask, so they need to make a new mask removal spell soon. As Uncle and Tohru leave to acquire the ingredients needed for the spell, the former tells Jackie not to let Black summon any Shadowkhan. Suddenly an alert goes out on Alcatraz, but Black goes off on his own despite Jackie trying to convince him not to.

At Alcatraz, Black makes his way down the halls as Jackie follows him, with Jade tagging along as usual. Black makes it to the cell area where he hears a mysterious voice saying, “help us”, but it turns out to be Tarakuto. The Oni King introduces himself and offers to help Black unleash the mask’s true potential. Black refuses to, but Tarakuto reveals the Enforcers behind him, although they are too scared to fight him after what happened last time. So, Tarakuto uses his telekinesis to restrain Black in metal bars, causing him to demand back up. In response, the mask’s true power arises as Sumo Khan arises from Black’s shadow. After seeing this, along with how easy they knocked away Hak Foo, Black cancels his back up as the Sumo Khan apprehends the other Enforcers. Tarakudo leaves as he feels the plan is coming to fruition, telling Hak Foo that because Black summoned the Sumo Kahn, he has become a Demon General.

Captain Black has the Sumo Khan take over the agent’s role in Section 13, planning to use them as his own brand of law enforcement. However, Black’s corruption is starting to take in effect as he has the Sumo Khan arrest innocent civilians for crimes they never committed, claiming that the mask is telling him all this, concerning Jackie and Jade. Meanwhile, Uncle and Tohru have arrived at the lake where the seaweed needed for the mask removal spell is.

Retreating to their room, Jackie and Jade fear what the mask could tell Captain Black even further, with the biggest concern being that the latter could get his hands on the three Oni Masks they have already claimed. They agree to get the masks out of the vault before Black remembers where they are, but unbeknownst to them, a Sumo Khan heard everything and relays it to Black. Black stops Jackie from getting to the vault and arrests him, but Jade manages to sneak away after Jackie sneaks her Black’s keycard. Unfortunately, Jade’s attempts to open the vault causes the alarm to go off, but while she locks herself inside the vault, Black has his Sumo Khan go inside and confront her. As Black claims the masks on the wall, he says he will bring in three more friends to wear the masks, claiming that the Black Jade knew was long gone. In response, Jade grabs the Tiger Talisman and uses it to split Black into two beings, with the Yang-Black still wearing the mask. Although Yang-Black locks the vault behind him, Yin-Black manages to open it thanks to the Ox Talisman.

Yang-Black gives the Enforcers the mask to put on, but Jade uses the Rabbit Talisman to swipe them away, before running off. Then, Yin-Black frees Jackie from his cell and knocks away Yang-Black. However, the two are soon confronted by more Sumo Khan, but Yin-Black can match their strength thanks to the Ox Talisman, while Jackie uses tricks to knock the others around. Yang-Black confronts Yin-Black and they fight, while a Sumo Khan trips up Jade and captures her.

During the fight, Yin-Black loses the Ox Talisman and gets pinned down by Yang-Black, while Jackie gets captured as well. Fortunately, Uncle and Tohru return with the completed mask removal spell, and Yin-Black uses it to rip the mask off Yang-Black, resulting in the Sumo Kahn disappearing. With everything back to normal, the two Black’s reunite into one thanks to the Tiger Talisman and gives Jade the fourth mask.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, October 4, 2003
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