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Ben-Shui Temple
Ben-Shui Temple (Day).png
General Info
Name Ben-Shui Temple
Location Bhutan
Type Monastery
Inhabitants Ben-Shui Monks
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 32
Last Appearance Season 4 Episode 10

The Ben-Shui Temple is a monastery that is home to the order of Ben-Shui Monks in Bhutan. It is located in a mountainous region and is known to be a place of Good Chi, protecting it from many forms of dark magical assault.


In The Chosen One, the monks brought Tohru and the Chan family to the Ben-Shui Temple so that Tohru's memories as their Chosen One could be awakened. Due to the temple's magical protections, the Dark Chi Warriors that had dogged the Chans on their journey could not enter by force; however, their master, Daolon Wong, was able to enter the temple by masquerading as a monk and proceeded to summon them from the inside. Jackie Chan and his niece Jade battled the warriors while Uncle battled their master, and the villains were driven from the temple after Tohru, who proved not to be the Chosen One, joined the fight, driving off the Dark Chi Warriors as Uncle contended with their master, banishing him from the temple for good.

In The Amazing T-Girl, the Chans and Captain Black journeyed to the Ben-Shui Temple in order to place the Talismans of Shendu in the protection of the monks, only to once again run afoul of Daolon Wong. However, the monks recognized that the powers had been accidentally transferred to Jade, and took her to the temple while Wong made off with the power-drained relics. Jade soon uncovered almost the full range of her powers, but then left the temple to confront Daolon Wong. In the end, the wizard was defeated and the powers restored to the Talismans, which were then taken back to Section 13.

In The Ox-Head Incident, the Chan family and Tohru set their course for the Ben-Shui Temple again in order to secure a yak that had inherited the power of the Ox Talisman. When it became clear that they wouldn't reach the temple before Daolon Wong intercepted them, Uncle transferred the power to himself, only to have his Chi stolen by Daolon Wong. Jade and Tohru then took Uncle's inert body and the yak to the temple, where they attempted to create a new locator for the missing Talisman power. Unfortunately, the temple's defenses proved no match for Daolon's newest warrior, Zhen, who soon retrieved Uncle's body for his master.


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