The Ben-Shui Monks are a benevolent order of mystics who reside in the Ben-Shui Temple in Asia. They are adherents to the legend of the Chosen One and opposed to the forces of Dark Chi in general; this has led them on several occasions to assist Jackie Chan and his family.


In "The Chosen One," a trio of monks followed omens to Uncle's Rare Finds, where they believed they would find their next Chosen One. Believing Tohru to be their destined new leader, they led him back to their temple while preventing him from fighting and calling upon Jackie to serve as his champion. Along the way they were menaced by Dark Chi Warriors, and the dark wizard Daolon Wong later infiltrated the temple while the High Mystic was performing a ceremony to grant Tohru the memories of previous Chosen Ones. Tohru turned out not to be the Chosen One, but the High Mystic suspected that perhaps Jackie's niece Jade might be.

In "The Amazing T-Girl," the Chans traveled to the Ben-Shui Temple once again in hopes that it would be a safe place in which to secure the Talismans of Shendu. Daolon Wong once again became involved in matters, but the monks soon determined that the powers of the Talismans had been transferred into Jade and took her to the temple for safety. Unfortunately, the impulsive Jade soon left the temple in order to rescue her uncles and Captain Black, and was captured by the dark wizard. Fortunately, the Chans managed to defeat him, and afterwards learned that the Talismans could be returned to the vault at Section 13.

In "The Ox-Head Incident," the Chans once again traveled to the Ben-Shui Temple in hopes of safeguarding the yak that had absorbed the released power of the Ox Talisman. After Uncle's Chi was captured by Daolon Wong after he successfully hid the Talisman power, Tohru and Jade used the temple as a base while they tried to create a new locator spell to use in finding the power. Unfortunately, Tohru's inexperience led to a considerable number of failures, turning the monks into guinea pigs. Presumably they were restored to normal by Uncle following this adventure.

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