Bat Khan
Bat Khan
Personal Info
Race Shadowkhan
Status Imprisoned in a Mask
Oni General General #3
General Info
Occupation Servant
Affiliation Tarakudo
Previous Affiliation Scruffy
Debut Season 4 Episode 3
Closing Season 4 Episode 13

The Bat Khan are one of the nine tribes of the Shadowkhan. They were summoned by the Oni General #3 or the wearers of his mask.


The Bat Khan have dark, greyish-blue skin and one glowing, red eye. They wear black suits that only cover their torso. They have three sharp fingers on each of their hands and wear dark red belts. Their most remarkable feature is their giant, bat-like wings. The wings are lighter in color and are connected to their backs.

Powers and Abilities

The Bat Khan are the only Shadowkhan that are capable of flight and can also fire beams of shadowy energy from their hands, which can act as lasers or rope.

Due to their flying abilities, they are the fastest of the Shadowkhan tribes.

Just like all Shadowkhan, they can turn into and travel through shadow and have the ability to phase through solid matter.


The Bat Khan are made of shadow. With a strong hit, their bodies could be destroyed and they would end up in the Shadow Realm to regenerate. Although, they can repel some attacks by covering themselves with their wings.

There are also various spells that can destroy them with a single shot.

Since the Shadowkhan are just servants to the Oni or an Oni wearer and not actual living creatures with thoughts, they can be easily tricked or distracted.

Because of not being able to talk, they cannot communicate with each other or the person who summons them.


Season 4

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