Bai Tza


Demon Sorceress
Bai Tza (Japanese Name: Nisei (Second Generation))
Demon Sorcerer of Water
First appearance
Last appearance
Color and appearance
Blue, mermaid-like demon with tentacles on her head.
Eye color
Immortal banisher and item
Iron-Crutch Li Tieguai (Gourd)
Portal Location
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Trigram Symbol
Voice actresses
Mona Marshall

Bai Tza (Biesa) was the Demon Sorceress of Water who hailed from a family consisting of herself as well as seven siblings and later on her nephew Drago.


The Demon Sorceress of Water, she was banished by the Immortal Li Tieguai. She was the last of the Demon Sorcerers to be unleashed. She is seen as the most cunning of the seven siblings, next to Shendu; even with the aid of Valmont, the Chans were unable to banish her the first time they met her. She is the most beautiful of the group. This demon can appear in any size ie: some times her length will be tall and some times short. She was banished in the episode The Eighth Door. She is the demon to stay on the earth for a long time Her original home, Atlantis, was sunk so she later tried to sink San Francisco as her new empire by flooding the subway systems but was stopped by the Chans before she could succeed. She was banished trying to use a tsunami to sink an unknown palace, inadvertently taking Jade with her. She was one of the final four Demons to challenge the J-Team, and overcame Viper, but ended up banished and defeated. Her demon Chi was contained in a gourd used as a prize on a game show. Despite the Chans' competition, Drago got to it, and absorbed the Chi. However, he lost it shortly thereafter. It was later reabsorbed by Drago during the final confrontation along with the rest of the Demon Chi.



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