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Bai Tza
Bai Tza.png
Personal Info
Full Name Bai Tza the Water Demon
Japanese Name 二世 (nisei, "second generation")
Race Demon Sorcerer
Age Unspecified; 900+ years
Nationality Chinese
Sign ☱ (water)
Banisher Li Tieguai
Weakness Gourd
Family Dai Gui (brother)
Hsi Wu (brother)
Po Kong (sister)
Shendu (brother)
Tchang Zu (brother)
Tso Lan (brother)
Xiao Fung (brother)
Drago (nephew)
General Info
Base of Operations Netherworld
Atlantis (formerly)
Portal Location Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Debut Season 2 Episode 5
Closing Season 2 Episode 28
English Mona Marshall

"Your spells may have quelled my siblings! But I am the slippery one..."
— Bai Tza to Uncle

Bai Tza is a Demon Sorcerer - specifically the Water Demon - and one of Shendu's seven siblings who were trapped in the Netherworld, making her one of the Demon Portals story arc antagonists of Season 2.

She is notable for remaining free on Earth for (only just) more than one episode, unlike the other six imprisoned demons.


Bai Tza resembles a blue-skinned mermaid with a serpentine tail, fins located around her body, webbed-hands and has tentacles for hair, resembling the Greek Gorgons. She is larger than humans, yet is smaller than most of her siblings (with the exception of Hsi Wu).


Bai Tza appears to have the closest relationship with Shendu out of their siblings, in the sense that she displayed seemingly the most intense and personal loathing for him, and their various verbal interactions often appeared to be somewhat less impersonal than Shendu's interactions with the others. This was best demonstrated by their interactions in the Netherworld; in which Bai Tza often spoke in icy-cold and venomous tones of voice. Shendu in turn appeared to reciprocate Bai Tza's personal rivalry, tauntingly tutting when getting her attention, and being somewhat more argumentative towards her when she refused to free his spirit from Valmont's body (though this may have been outrage), although he still displayed the same submissiveness towards her as he did the other demon siblings. After the Book of Ages reality alteration, when the alternate Jackie Chan began re-banishing the Demon Sorcerers to the remaining demons' displeasure, Bai Tza tauntingly lamented to Shendu that she had been "even almost beginning to like [him]" after he'd created the alternate timeline before things had gone downhill. Concerning her relationships with her other siblings; Bai Tza tauntingly used Shendu's failure to prevent the Chan Clan re-banishing the other six demons as an excuse to not uphold her end of the bargain with Shendu, and angrily threatened to obliterate Shendu on their siblings' behalf; displaying a sense of familial honour.

Bai Tza at times displayed a tendency towards aggressive dominance displays and asserting her authority which verged on superiority complex. Her interactions with Shendu at times showed this, and she bossed Hsi Wu around at one point in the Netherworld when Po Kong suffered a distracting back-itch. She appeared to be one of the most outspoken and dominant of the demon siblings in the Netherworld (and when attacking the Book of Ages' location in the altered timeline).

Bai Tza was more pragmatic than most of her siblings when facing the Chan Clan - after they'd succeeded in re-banishing the other six imprisoned demons, during the time she was free, she upheld her intent to not repeat her siblings' mistakes; by fleeing rather than fighting, and she had the sense to target and blast away Uncle's chi-spell gourd to prevent him finishing the banishing spell. Unlike most of her siblings, Bai Tza appeared to consider Jackie a secondary threat and viewed Uncle as the most dangerous of the Chans, in spite of his possession of the chi-spell that could re-banish her every time they encountered each-other. Despite her pragmatism, like the other Demon Sorcerers, Bai Tza didn't consider the possibility of the Chans coming after her and attempting to foil her intents if she enacted them elsewhere; which led to the failure of her plan to flood San Francisco and later to her re-banishment. In the Book of Ages alternate timeline, after becoming aware the Chans were likely working to reach the Book of Ages and restore history to normal, Bai Tza alongside her siblings treated the Chans as a threat that warranted being neutralised by a combined assault from the Demon Sorcerers. Another display of Bai Tza's cunning was when she almost-immediately surmised upon learning Jade Chan's memory hadn't been altered by the Book of Ages, that Jade would likely lead the alternate Chan Clan to the Book to correct reality.

After Bai Tza discovered Atlantis was nothing more than ruins following her centuries-long banishment, she set about establishing a new kingdom elsewhere, and further displayed her sense of cunning when she chose San Francisco based on the discovery that it had geological fault lines (which she could disrupt by using a water-summoning spell to strike the San Andreas Fault with pressurised floodwaters). She displayed determination and possibly a sense of commitment; when her desire to complete her water-summoning spell and subsequently fight off the Chans' attempts to stop her plan, overrode her evasive measures meant to avoid her getting re-banished.



Before being banished, Bai Tza was the ruler of the undersea empire Atlantis, which was hidden from humans on the ocean floor, although her kingdom was reduced to uninhabited ruins while she was in the Netherworld.

"Thousands of years ago" (according to Tohru in Relics of Demon Past), Bai Tza terrorised the ancient world alongside her seven siblings, until they were defeated one-by-one by the Eight Immortals and banished to the Netherworld. There, all of them remained trapped for centuries except for Shendu, who apparently escaped back to Earth and left the other Demon Sorcerers trapped so he could rule the Earth for himself. Bai Tza's Demon Portal was located in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Season 2

Bai Tza was the last of the Demon Sorcerers to be unleashed and as such, Shendu asked her to free him from Valmont's body, as he had fulfilled his side of the bargain. Bai Tza, however, coldly refused to do so, as the previous six demons ended up trapped in the netherworld again shortly after their release. Not wanting to share the fate of her brethren, she immediately avoided confrontation with the Chans and used her powers to slip past their attempts.

Bai Tza returned to her domain, the lost city of Atlantis, but was disappointed to discover it in ruins. She then resolved to rebuild her undersea empire by casting a spell that would flood the subway systems of San Francisco and sink the city. Bai Tza managed to initiate the ritual before fleeing again when Uncle canceled it.

She made another attempt to rebuild her empire when she summoned a giant tsunami to sink a palace on a cliff overlooking the sea in an unknown country. Uncle finally banished her as she stood atop the tsunami, inadvertently taking Jade with her. Following her return to the demon netherworld, Bai Tza started a meeting with her siblings to coerce Shendu into finding a way to release them after all their portals were permanently closed. Shendu deceitfully promised to let them all use his portal. It soon became obvious that only one demon would be able to pass through the last portal and Bai Tza shoved her brother Tchang Zu away to get to it before Po Kong squashed her into a puddle.

She was one of the final four Demon Sorcerers to challenge the J-Team, and overcame Viper, but ended up banished and defeated.

Season 5

Her demon Chi was contained in a gourd used as a prize on a game show. Despite the Chans' competition, Drago got to it, and absorbed the Chi. However, he lost it shortly thereafter. It was later reabsorbed by Drago during the final confrontation along with the rest of the Demon Chi, growing a couple facial tentacles on his chin and a fin on the tip of his tail as a result of her chi.

Powers and Abilities

As the Demon sorceress of water, Bai Tza has complete control over liquid and can manipulate it with her thoughts. She can blast it from her hands in the form of powerful blasts or orbs of water and she can become water herself. Bai Tza can create gigantic tidal waves, whirlpools and she is able to cast a spell that can summon enough water to flood a large city. Bai Tza has the power to dissolve into drops of water, and will burst into a splash of water whenever hit with enough force before quickly reconstituting herself in seconds. This is shown when she turned her body into water and changed her direction and after Viper blasted her with the Dragon Talisman, she formed back into her demon form. Jackie used Bai Tza's body to cancel Shendu's fire breath, by throwing her into the blast which caused her to put out of the fire and dissolve into steam. This power also provides her with some metamorphic abilities as she could reposition her face to the back of her head, form a hammer from her hand, create a hole in her stomach to dodge a punch, and transform herself into a large waterspout.

Bai Tza can breathe underwater, swim and slither fast enough to outpace a motorcycle. She can also fly in the low-gravity demon world in a similar manner to how she swims in water.

Her prehensile head tentacles can pick up and attack enemies, even if she isn't looking at them.

Drago, when he possessed her Demon Chi, was able to transform into a large wave with his face merged with wave and in this form, he tried to devour Jackie.


Season 2

Season 5


  • "While we withered in this bone-dry pit." The Stronger Evil
  • "At last, liberation! And now for some libation... (takes a look at the surrounding Colosseum and hisses) Which will require *moister* climes than this!" The New Atlantis
  • "You dare request your freedom?! (Shendu: Have I not earned it?! As promised, I have released *all* our brothers and sisters!) How curious then, that six Demon Sorcerers remain trapped in the void! I should obliterate you on their behalf!" The New Atlantis
  • (to Valmont) "My answer to you and my snivelling brother remains... no." The New Atlantis
  • ​(traps Tohru's hand with her body's metamorphosic abilities) "I want to hold your hand."​ (forms a hammer from her hand and knocks Tohru with it) The New Atlantis
  • "Welcome to my world, Chan!" The New Atlantis
  • "You dare to betray me, Shendu?" The New Atlantis
  • "What in the Netherworld is wrong with you, Po Kong?" The Eighth Door
  • "Hsi Wu! Scratch your sister's back so we may get on with our meeting." The Eight Door
  • "You risk altering the very fabric of reality!" (objecting to Shendu's suggestion to use the Book of Ages) Demon World (Part 1)
  • "We were even almost beginning to like you, brother." Demon World (Part 2)
  • "Destroy them!" Demon World (Part 2)


  • Even though her name is composed of two distinct words, it is pronounced as if it were one unbroken word (Bīt-zä). This is not the case with any of the other Demon Sorcerers' names.
  • Bai Tza is the only Demon Sorcerer (excluding Shendu) to not be banished back to the Netherworld in the same episode in which she was released.
  • When the Demon Sorcerers cast their binding spell on Shendu in The Stronger Evil, the beam of the spell emitted from Bai Tza's head tentacles instead of her hands.
  • Unlike all the other Demon Portals, Bai Tza's Portal was positioned horizontally when it opened, seemingly in spite of the Pan'ku Box latching onto a horizontal surface (the ground) instead of a vertical surface such as a wall when opening her portal.
  • Though Bai Tza is the Water Demon, her trigram () means in bagua "lake" or "marsh". The trigram meaning "water" () has been set to symbolize her brother, Tso Lan the Moon Demon.