Armor of the Gods
Season 2 Episode 17
Episode 30
General Information
Setting Asia
San Francisco, USA
Pamplona, Spain
Aired on November 17, 2001
Production Number 30
Written by Dave Collard
Ken Goin
Directed by Sean Song
Produced by Michael Goguen
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Armor of the Gods is the thirtieth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie is excavating some ancient armor when Uncle reveals it is the Armor of the Gods. This ancient suit of armor was worn by the Eight Immortals in their battles against the Demon Sorcerers. It proves quite convenient when the Dark Hand travels to Spain to find the portal of Dai Gui, the Earth Demon. However, sealing Dai Gui is complicated, as Jade used a sleeping potion on Uncle because of his constant complaining.


Jackie enters an ancient structure and finds the Armor of the Eight Immortals, only to be ambushed by the Ninja Khan. He prevents them from stealing the armor, but brings the structure down in the process, causing it to slide down the mountain atop which it rests. Jackie falls, but his descent is softened by crashing through a straw roof in a village below. Returning to Uncle's Rare Finds, Jackie is startled to find Uncle awake in the middle of the night, apparently obsessing over the conflict with the Demon Sorcerers.

Captain Black then calls Jackie, who eagerly accepts a mission to Spain to deal with the Dark Hand. To his surprise, Uncle insists that he bring the armor along with him. Once in Spain, Jackie spots Valmont, Hak Foo, and Ratso making their way through Pamplona, on their way to release the Earth Demon Dai Gui. Back in San Francisco, Uncle continues to menace Jade, who turns to Uncle's spell books for a means of calming him down. Brewing a sleeping tea, she gets him to drink it, and he soon dozes off after a final round of complaints.

Jackie, attempting to close in and steal the Pan'ku Box, is spotted by Hak Foo, and the four (five counting Shendu) are soon locked in a struggle over the artifact. The ground begins to rumble beneath them, followed by a charging crowd, which proves to be part of the city's Running of the Bulls. Jackie manages to seize the Pan'ku Box in the confusion, but Hak Foo snatches it back for him as he is carried away by the tide of bulls. Back at the shop, Tohru and Jade put Uncle's induced sleep to the test, but then get a phone call from Jackie.

After hearing from Jackie that they are facing the threat of the Earth Demon, Jade vainly attempts to awaken Uncle. Tohru then inspires her to use the Sheep Talisman so she can communicate with Uncle as he sleeps. Thoroughly mellowed out, Uncle is at first uncooperative, but eventually tells Jade what she needs to know. With this accomplished, Jade and Tohru-with the comatose Uncle in tow-decide to fly to Spain and research the needed spell on the way.

By putting in a call to Captain Black, Jackie is able to get back on the Dark Hand's trail, though not before they succeed in opening the portal to free Dai Gui. When Shendu declines helping Dai Gui dig his new kingdom, the demon begins pursuing them through the earth, unwittingly running into Jackie in the process. Recognizing him, Dai Gui begins attacking, forcing Jackie to don the Armor of the Immortals. It magically transforms, granting Jackie enhanced strength, speed, and durability as he faces off with the Demon Sorcerer.

Tohru and Jade arrive at the scene of the battle, with a still sleeping Uncle in their charge. Making a show of Uncle being awake, the pair begin work on the chi spell while Jackie continues to fight Dai Gui. However, the spell fails to banish the demon; fortunately, Uncle then awakens. He is then able to clarify a misunderstanding, in which Jade mistook his instructions regarding a vital ingredient hair of "ewe", as in a female sheep, rather than hair of "you", referring to Jade herself.

With a thread from Uncle's wool vest, the spell is completed and Dai Gui banished. However, Uncle soon resumes his usual crankiness, much to the chagrin of Jackie and Tohru. Jade is more open-minded, preferring Uncle as he is to the strange, dreamy version she encountered in his mind.





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Valmont: (while in Spain) Festive.
Ratso: I’m telling you Pamplona’s famous for something.
Hak Foo: It must be the paella.
Ratso: Ohh! The thing they hit with the stick until candy comes out?
Valmont: That would be a piñata, Ratso. This is Spain, not Mexico.

Jade: (very sleepy) Hey Jackie...
Jackie: Jade, what are you doing up?
Jade: “Old Yeller” is keeping us all up. He hasn’t slept in days!
Uncle: Tohru! Where is my tea?!
Tohru: (sleeping standing up and holding tea) Er, what? (falls asleep again, pouring tea on the floor)
Uncle: AII-YAA!
Jackie: Uncle, why won’t you sleep?
Uncle: Because, I have demons on the brain! I lay down, and all I hear is “Chi spell! Chi spell! Chi spell!!!”
Jackie: Have you tried counting sheep?
Uncle: Demons always eat them.
Jackie: Well... thank you for watching Jade. (proceeds to leave)
Uncle: Where are you going?! We must study the Immortal’s Armor and discover what magic it holds!
Jackie: Now? It is 3 AM, Uncle. You should really try to sleep. (cell phone rings)
Uncle: How can I sleep with all this noise?!
Jackie: (answers phone) Yes?
Captain Black: Jackie, we’ve spotted the Dark Hand.
Jackie: I’m on my way!
Captain Black: Care to know where you’re going?
Jackie: I don’t care. Anywhere but here.
Captain Black: Okaaay...
Jackie: ...(hangs up phone) Uncle, I’m off to Spain! I will call you for the Chi spell, once I find out what Demon we’re dealing with. (begins to leave fast)
Uncle: Take the armor, it could be of some use!
Jackie: But you have to discover what magic it holds!
Uncle: How can I do that if you take it with you?!

Uncle: (Jade is watching TV) Jade! TV is too loud! (Jade turns down volume) STILL too loud! (Jade, annoyed, turns off the TV) I can hear the electricity in the wires! UNPLUG!
Jade: I wish there was a way to unplug Uncle...

Uncle: Jade! The books are laughing at me!
Jade: (to herself) Not for long. (to Uncle) Tea, dear Uncle?
Uncle: Yes. Ha-cha!


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, November 17, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, March 9, 2002


  • This is one the rare episodes in which only one of the three main Enforcers makes an appearance. In this case, it is Ratso.
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