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*[[Royal Medicine]]
*[[Royal Medicine]]
*[[The Snake]]
*[[The Snake]]
*[[Daolon Wong]]
*[[Daolon Wong]]

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Animal Crackers
Season 3 Episode 13
Episode 65
General Information
Setting Bhutan
San Francisco, USA
Aired on February 15, 2003
Production Number 65
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Michael Goguen
Produced by Frank Squillace
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Previous Episode
The Ox-Head Incident
Next Episode
Tohru Who?
Animal Crackers is the sixty-fifth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jade brings the magical animals to school for show and tell. The Dark Chi Warriors arrive, and the animals escape. The animals must be located quickly.


Jade returns to Section 13 after going out on a mission with Jackie and suddenly realizes that she has a project due for her school's fair. In order to one-up Drew (and to cut down on time and effort) Jade decides to take all nine animals from the Section 13 vault and shows them at her booth at the fair. She convinces Jackie that her "potato sculpture exhibit" would be too boring for him to come and see, and so thinks she is home free. However, Jackie decides to surprise Jade. He, Tohru, and Uncle arrive at the fair and begin to look for Jade's booth. Tohru wins a Super Moose plush doll, which he intends to give to Jade when they find her.

In the meantime, Drew shows up at Jade's booth, impressed by all the animals she managed to find. She spots Jackie from a distance and rushes out to redirect his attention. At that moment the Dark Chi Warriors arrive and try to steal all the animals, causing them to stampede and disappear into the city. Jackie is severely disappointed in Jade. He, Uncle, and Tohru rush off to find the animals. Uncle finds Sasha (who has split into two) at the same time as Finn. Tohru and Ratso corner Lucky in a laundromat. Jackie chases down Bob and he and Chow battle over it in astral form. Eventually, all three are able to outwit their enemies and return with the animals to Section 13. When they arrive, they find that all of the other missing animals have returned, as Jade trained Scruffy to bring them all home. Jade and Jackie are reconciled (although it is implied that she will still be grounded) and Drew now believes Jade's stories.





Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, February 15, 2003
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