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Angus McCutcheon
Personal Info
Full Name Angus McCutcheon
Race Human
Nationality Scottish
General Info
Occupation Pirate
Partner Haggis
Debut Season 2 Episode 33
Closing Season 5 Episode 7
English Victor Brandt

"Woah, who's the old lady with the beard."
Jade Chan

Angus McCutcheon is a Scottish pirate who has been searching for the legendary treasure of Greenbeard the Pirate for twenty years.


Angus discovered Greenbeard's abandoned ship by following an old treasure map to a desolated cave, but arrived just moments after Jackie Chan, who had hoped to secure the treasure so he could donate it to a historical museum in San Francisco, found it first. Angus immediately spotted Jackie trying to lower Greenbeard's treasure chest and attacked him. After throwing a barrel at him, Angus ordered his subordinate Haggis to attack Jackie. While Haggis went after Jackie, Angus attacked him with one of Greenbeard's cutlasses, but ended up falling off the ship to the water below before Haggis accidentally blew up their own ship with a cannon. Jackie then left the cave with the treasure chest.

Angus and Haggis later attempted to steal the treasure from the museum. Jackie and Tohru fought the pirates whilst each wearing one of Greenbeard's enchanted gloves. Under the control of the glove, Jackie pulled Angus' beard which caused him to fall off a mammoth display, bounce off its trunk and land inside a Caveman's cooking pot. The pirates were then arrested afterwards.

Angus encountered Jackie once again when he and Haggis teamed up with three other enemies to get the Silver Iguana of Awramba. The pirates and the other three chased after him, only for Jackie to get rescued by Jade in a hang-glider.


Season 2

Season 5