Agent Tag
Season 2 Episode 18
Episode 31
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on November 19, 2001
Production Number 31
Written by Jan Strnad
Directed by Chap Yaep & Seung Kim
Produced by Solon So
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Agent Tag is the thirty-first episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Section 13 sends its best Agent, Taggart McStone to stop Dr. Necrosis. Jade stows away and accompanies him on his mission, sending Jackie after them.


While Uncle is putting him to work on research, Jade gives Jackie a call about being bored at Section 13. She then snoops on a briefing in which Captain Black informs his men that Dr. Ashby Necrosis has created a doomsday device. One of his advisors suggests sending Taggart McStone, an agent Black claims has retired; the advisor responds by pulling off a mask and revealing himself to be McStone. As he is leaving on the mission, Jade sneaks aboard his high-tech aircraft.

Some time later, Jackie approaches Captain Black about being unable to find Jade, whom he quickly realizes must have stowed away. They attempt to reach Tag, but he has silenced his radio while en route to Necrosis' island lair in order to work on a crossword puzzle. Jade follows him as he makes his way into the facility, only to be spotted by him after he dons a henchman's uniform. Captain Black flies Jackie to the island, while Tag recognizes Jade from Section 13 reports and prepares to take her back to base.

Unfortunately, Jackie mistakes the disguised Tag for one of Necrosis' henchmen and knocks him out. Jade then attempts to convince Jackie to take up Tag's mission, but Jackie is unwilling to do so. After accidentally sending Tag's aircraft flying away, the three are spotted by the rest of Necrosis' minions. They are soon surrounded, but Jackie is able to fight them off, aided by the unconscious body of Agent Tag.

Jade makes her way deeper into the base, forcing Jackie to follow her as more minions close in. He then props up and leaves behind the unconscious Tag to go after Jade, who as usual has run off without thinking. Meanwhile, Dr. Necrosis, believing that Agent Tag has infiltrated his fortress, dispatches his lethal playing-card carrying henchmen Hoyle to deal with the threat. Jade, spying on them, discovers that the key to Necrosis' device is an artifact known as the Druid Stone.

Jackie and Jade soon reunite, only for Jackie to run into Hoyle and be mistaken for Agent Tag. Hoyle is able to use his inhuman ability with playing cards to capture Jackie, and brings him before Dr. Necrosis. After failing to be convinced that Jackie is not, in fact, Agent Tag, he reveals that he has linked the Druid Stone with a radio telescope and satellite network in order to create a remote controlled laser beam projection system. Jade attempts to steal the remote, only for it to be broken, causing the satellites to bombard Necrosis' lair with energy blasts.

Taking advantage of the destruction, Jackie escapes his restraints, but is then forced to contend with the lethal Hoyle. Fortunately, Jade is able to break Hoyle's concentration by dropping a bucket on his head, allowing Jackie to land a knockout blow. Necrosis then attempts to flee his devastated lab, only to be knocked out when the real Agent Tag emerges from the elevator he tries to use. Jackie turns Necrosis over to Tag, and then borrows his grappling line to retrieve the Druid Stone.

As Captain Black flies the trio back to San Francisco, Tag takes credit for saving the Chans, much to Jade's annoyance. Jackie, worn out from the mission, starts to doze off, but before falling completely asleep is able to provide the last answer Tag needs for his crossword puzzle. A grateful Tag dubs Jackie a genius, but Jade responds that her uncle is, in fact, a researcher.




Voice Talent


Captain Black: We've located what we believe to be the doctor's base, the Necropolis, inside this dormant volcano. Someone must infiltrate the Necropolis and and destroy the doomsday weapon.
Agent: I suggest Taggart McStone, sir.
Captain Black: Unfortunately, Agent Tag retired last year. He left the spy game forever.
Agent: (pulls off his disguise to reveal that he's Agent Tag and smiles) Never say never.
Captain Black: (looks shocked) Agent Tag! (Jade sees this and smiles)


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, November 19, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, July 13, 2002
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