Aesop is a rare tortoise who had the Rabbit Talisman embedded into his shell. This was discovered by Jade and the Dark Hand, and a fight soon broke out between Jackie and the Enforcers. Successfully capturing Aesop, the Dark Hand turned it over to a criminal who enjoyed eating endangered animals. Fortunately, Jackie and Jade managed to retrieve the Talisman and Aesop, who gained super speed upon having the Talisman restored to his shell. He was then returned to his home at an aquarium.


Season 1


  • He is the only animal who was not a descendant or member of the Chinese Zodiac to use a talisman.
  • Aesop is named after the Ancient Greek story-teller, who created the story The Tortoise and the Hare (which is referenced in the episode with the Rabbit talisman in the tortoise shell).
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