Aesop is a rare Galápagos tortoise who had the Rabbit Talisman embedded into his shell.


Originally discovered by two researchers on the Galápagos Islands, Aesop was brought back to San Francisco, where he was rehoused in an enclosure at the Bay Aquarium. When the local news channel picked up on the story, both Jade and the Dark Hand discovered the Talisman embedded in the tortoise's shell. While investigating the tortoise at the exhibit, Jackie was ambushed by the Enforcers, who successfully captured Aesop before departing the aquarium in a seaplane.

After successfully removing the Talisman from the tortoise's shell, Valmont, seeking to profit from the unexpected acquisition, ordered his men to turn Aesop over to a criminal acquaintance who enjoyed eating endangered animals. Whilst Jackie attempted to secure the Talisman from Tohru, Jade snuck aboard Nivor's luxury yacht to rescue Aesop. Unfortunately, the tortoise refused to move and Jade was captured by Nivor after being discovered by his chef.

Meanwhile, Jackie managed to retrieve the Talisman from Tohru, and after discovering it possessed the power of super-speed, used it to race across the ocean to Nivor's yacht, where he proceeded to rescue both Jade and Aesop. Before the three could escape, however, they were engaged by Shadowkhan, seeking to recover the Talisman for their master. At this moment, Jade mounted Aesop before snapping the Talisman back into his shell, granting him the power of super-speed, allowing her to rescue Jackie and flee the yacht in a flash. Aesop was then returned to his home at the aquarium.


Season 1


  • He is the only animal excluded from the Chinese Zodiac to have been shown using a Talisman.
  • Aesop is named after the Ancient Greek story-teller of the same name, who created the story The Tortoise and the Hare (which is explicitly referenced by Jackie at the start of the episode, and in the theme of the episode overall with the Rabbit Talisman in the tortoise's shell).
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