Personal Info
Race Human
Age 230
Nationality Muntab
General Info
Base of Operations Lost City of the Muntabs
Affiliation Muntabs
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 10
English Cathy Cavadini
Abila is a little girl from the lost city of the Muntabs. Due to the Chalice of Life, Abila is 230 years old despite looking around 7-8 years old. To that effect, she owns a doll bearing a strong resemblance to herself with two faces; both symbolizing her young and old age.


Abila befriended Jade Chan after her uncle Jackie won the Muntabs' trust by passing the Cave of Truth. Abila agreed to reveal to Jade how the Muntabs obtained their immortality so long as she kept it secret, however Abila discovered that the Chalice was missing when she took Jade to see it. While the Muntabs immediately believed in their eventual demise, Jade's optimism gave them hope. Abila briefly regressed into an elderly woman before Jackie returned the chalice from John Smith to the Muntabs and she was restored in time for her 231st birthday.


Season 2

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